The Value of Water Backflow Testing in Katy, TX

backflow testing machineBackflow is an ever-present risk for many homes and businesses. This is because backflow can cause water contamination and a surplus of health-related ramifications. These concerns highlight the wisdom of regular water backflow testing in Katy, TX. This process also includes Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) testing as when the water pressure drops, backflow occurs. For testing you can trust, turn to The Katy Plumbing Company.

Our skilled technicians take this testing very seriously due to the health concerns. We use the latest tools and techniques and our expertise to ensure that your backflow prevention devices are operating properly. If we do find a problem, rest assured we’ll recommend solutions to keep you and your customers or family safe, as well as advice to prevent water contamination in the future.

Contact us today to schedule professional backflow testing. We proudly serve customers in Katy, Texas, and the West Houston area.